The story behind our law firm  

Henry Shields is an established, experienced and compassionate team of attorneys and conveyancers who are experts in personal injury law; the top in our field.

Led by one of Cape Town’s most well known attorneys, Henry Shields, we are particular about maintaining a personal touch with all of our cases and work with exceptional skill and a deep knowledge of the law to ensure that you receive the answers, and the outcome, that you deserve.

Our firm has evolved in response to ever-changing circumstances and opportunities over the last four decades. This process has produced a hand-picked team which offers:


We are totally dedicated to playing a leading role in the field of fatal, extreme and life changing injuries. This ensures that we keep pace with local and international trends in this complex sub-specialised field of  legal practice.


Every case is team driven with the result that experienced hands join forces with current technology in the hands of our younger  team members,  to provide the best of both worlds.

Case selection

Our firm is not volume driven or mechanical.  To the contrary, we microscopically examine every potential case and select those where we can interact in a healthy, realistic and productive way with our client, to produce a premium result.


We strive to communicate in plain and clear language stripped of confusing technical jargon or Latin terms,  so that our clients have clear insight into the processes along with realistic expectations.

Personal touch

Shields Attorneys is driven hands on by the founder, Henry Shields, who has an open door policy and is accessible to all clients.


Personal injury work is technical. Attorney and client relationships are personal. We strive for respectful and compassionate interactions throughout the sometimes harrowing path of an injury claim.

We Change Lives

“In 1979 I suffered a below knee amputation in a horror crash at the Oranjemund Diamond Mine in Namibia. My young lawyer, Henry Shields, really took my case to heart. The Road Accident Fund used the biggest law firm in the country to fight the case every inch of the way.

Henry arranged the hire of a small aircraft and he took advocates and a team of experts to Oranjemund to reconstruct the accident. In the 3rd week of the trial we got what I believe was one of the biggest settlements ever in South Africa, for a leg amputation.  

I had been a construction carpenter.  I was able to buy a house bond free and open my own wood machining and carpentry business.

A bit later, on my son happened to be born on Henry’s birthday and I honoured my lawyer by naming my son after him."

Keith Papier

“My experience of Henry Shields with my difficult case against Pick n Pay was dealt with in a very professional manner. Henry and his staff were always there for me and every query (and there were many) was dealt with immediately.

It was a long and trying case of which they never gave up.

Ultimately, we won the case and received a very satisfactory settlement. I absolutely recommend Shields Attorneys.”

Mati Dobrin

“My first email communication with Arno Gunter, an Attorney at Henry Shields Attorneys was on the 16th of Jan 2020. Arno's prompt response clearly indicated to me the efficient, exceptional service I could expect. From the onset of our first meeting on the 24th of Jan 2020, Arno's authenticity and empathy resonated with me. His expert legal counsel was most apparent. 

I pursued the RAF claim process on 3 June 2020. By the 30th of June 2020, I had already had consults with an orthopaedic surgeon, a plastic surgeon, a psychiatrist, and an upcoming consult with a hand-and-upper limb orthopaedic surgeon. The final consult for claim purposes was with an earnings specialist, on the 15th of July 2022.

Arno continues to keep me updated regarding the progress. I am most grateful to him; he is undoubtedly part of an exceptional legal team. With Shields Attorneys I am in most capable hands.”

Charmaine Taljaard

“In 2001 I had a cycling accident that rendered me paralysed from the chest down. It was a particularly difficult case as no vehicles were involved and called for a legal team who could think creatively and litigate effectively. 

My case was viewed as a very ‘long shot’ by many experts but despite the odds, Shields Chait Attorneys managed to secure a favourable settlement which went some way to ease the financial burden of a life changing injury. 

I found them to be exceptional practitioners who were professional and knowledgeable, but who also had a personal touch and were always accessible. 

I can’t recommend them more highly.”


“I could not have asked for a more professional, well informed, equipped, passionate and understanding group, than Arno and the team.

I felt that they are trustworthy. They always made me feel comfortable and save. They always had me and my families’ best interest at heart. I know the team and especially Arno went out of his way for me, I will always be grateful.  

Shields Attorneys will walk this road with you all the way. I am thankful to have had them by my side these years, I am grateful for the wisdom and understanding, they had for my case.”

Marthie-Thea Cloete

“With my Loss of Support Claim/RAF Claim now completed, I want to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for a great job you did representing my interest and getting the case concluded.

You were knowledgeable, committed, and professional from the beginning to end. You showed stable problem-solving skills in the solutions to the situation that were part of my case.

I am particular pleased with your sensitivity towards my loss of support claim. It was difficult for me, but you handled the process wonderfully for which I am extremely grateful."


“My son Lyle was in a terrible car accident on August 2017. We approached a lawyer, but unfortunately, they could not help us.

At the time there were a lot of press people and reports in the newspapers, but no progress. I found Shields Attorneys' Facebook Page and from day one they were very helpful and made the process quicker, help set up the appointments, first with an orthopaedic surgeon and then with a physiotherapist.

Shields Attorneys are good people.

Antoinette Smith

“All I can say is, is that Henry Shields is extremely professional and has loads of empathy as well. He and his team are a pleasure to work with.”

Lynn Fourie