Email Terms

These terms govern all emails and attachments transmitted from or on behalf of Shields Attorneys, subject to the terms set out in our Privacy Policy. These terms are with full legal force and effect to all emails and attachments, as contemplated in section 11 of the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act 25 of 2002.

  • All emails and attachments are confidential and are to be assumed also to be covered by legal professional privilege.
  • All emails are intended solely for the use of the individual(s) to whom, or entity or entities to which, they are addressed. If you have received an email in error, please notify the sender and delete all copies from your system.
  • You may not copy any such erroneous email or use its contents or attachments or disclose the same to any other person without our written consent.
  • If we receive an email from you, we will treat that as authority to reply by e- mail and that it is your choice of method of corresponding. Emails and replies to emails may be monitored by Shields Attorneys for business and/or other reasons.
  • We consider emails as an informal method of communication and it may be inappropriate to reply on advice contained in an email without obtaining written confirmation from a director of such advice.
  • Shields Attorneys is not liable for any views or opinions expressed in any email or attachment other than business subject matter and then only to the extent confirmed in writing by a director.

Internet communications cannot be guaranteed to be error free or secure as they can arrive late, contain viruses, be corrupted, be intercepted, get lost or be otherwise compromised.

Shields Attorneys will not be liable or responsible for any kind of loss or damage whatsoever, whether direct, indirect, consequential or otherwise, that may result, whether to you or to a third party, from any malfunction of whatsoever nature.